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Thursday, 16 August 2018
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Treadlightly’s first project is completed at Rhayader.

More information and photographs can be found here.

The first phase of the project was a series of repairs by the Highway
Authority (PowysCC) with particular emphasis on drainage of a very boggy
area which had been causing drivers/riders to deviate from the correct route
to avoid deep water. The correct route is now dry even in the heaviest rain.

Secondly improved waymarking was provided by volunteers:

Under the Treadlightly initiative (http://www.treadlightly-uk.org/)
of CRAG, GLASS and the TRF came together to work on
a popular lane near
Rhayader, Powys, Wales (SN 961 685). The Byway
can be difficult to read in
places due to footpaths and other tracks criss
crossing the Byway at various
junctures. In places there has been 'off piste'
activity which is actively
discouraged by all groups and individuals that
support Treadlighly-uk.

In total 9 volunteers with varying amounts of ability but huge amounts of
enthusiasm turned up to join in the days planned works.

The third phase is joint operations with the Police to deal with any illegal