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Thursday, 16 August 2018
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You may be aware that the Treadlightly Trust has launched in the UK over the past few months and is currently very active in Wales with the aim of protecting and improving the Green lane network using a variety of initiatives, including working closely with Countryside Officers in setting up voluntary repair and way-marking projects.

In order to meet our objectives and to be in a position to secure new funding for next year, we need to create a database of at least 50 Volunteers who would be willing to get involved in Voluntary repair, maintenance, and way-marking projects which will generally be held over weekends.
We are also establishing a network of volunteers right across England and Wales.

I would like to invite you to register as a Treadlightly volunteer there is no cost or obligation, but hopefully, as and when projects get set up in your area then maybe you will be able to come along for a few hours to help out .
You are probably aware that we have lost around 50% of Green lanes in recent years due to the CROW and NERC Acts and a number of the others are under threat.
This is your opportunity to help to reverse that trend please seriously consider helping out.   All you need to do is to complete the form below .  If  you have friends or other members of your family who may be interested ask them to fill in the form too.

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